Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hyundai launched New car, i30

I'm sure that most of you guys have heard about Hyundai's new car, i30. I know it's little bit late to talk about i30, but, anyway, better than do nothing.

i30 is for European. Hyundai wants to increase their market share in EU. They hope i30 can be a stepping-stone.

Comparing with i30's rivals such as Peugeot 307 and VW's Golf, it has enough head room and leg room. And to satisfy European whom are used to listening music by iPod, i30 has iPod and USB connection port.

Test drivers said that i30 is rather heavy when they accelerate. It is little bit strange cause lookings of i30 is light. And the sound from engine is quite good. Hyundai's officer said that both of them are results from considering the Europeans preference.

Because of decreasing the weight of front side, i30 moves very quickly and smoothly. It is much more sporty than any other Hyundai's car.

I thought that Hyundai is always looking for American market, and that idea makes me think i30 will be failed. Because the preference of American and European is so different.

But at least i30, I think it has competitiveness enough to compete with other European cars.

I like Hyundai's this kinds of try and this is the reason why Hyundai can survive in Automobile market. I hope i30 make good performance in EU.

PS - One more thing. Hyundai will name all cars which will be launced in EU as i- series, like Benz or Lexus. From i10 to i40.


A four cylindered in-line engine // 1591cc //121 HP //

15.6kg.m // FF // 1247kg //

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

KIA will Lunch HM(Project name) end of this year

( Sketch of HM )

I believe that you guys already know that Hyundai and KIA are same company. Hyundai merged KIA in 1999.

Like Hyundai lunched Veracruz to gain a market share in SUV, KIA will lunch HM (Project Name) end of this year. The picture top of the article is the sketch of the HM.

One of interesting thing is that this model is first car which is designed by Peter Schreyer, KIA's vice-president. He said he applies his Idea, "Simplify the Straight Line".
By contrast Veracruz looks like a on-road SUV, Veracruz looks like a off-road SUV.

The other and the most important point for me is that the engine of HM is different from Veracruz.

The HM will have the V6 3.0 Diesel S engine. Veracruz has V6 E-VGT Diesel engine.

Veracruz's one is a front-wheel drive, transversely mounted with horse power of 240, torque of 46. But HM's one is a rear-wheel drive, longitudinal mounted one with horse power of 250, torque of 56. But both of them has very important common fact. Both are really "quiet" unlike other diesel engine mounted car.

Also KIA announced that HM will take all technology KIA has developed.

KIA wants to be a named SUV company. Like KIA did in Korea, does they can make a good impression to the world?

I think it's possible.

Following my research last month, KIA's(yea, actually Hyundai's) technology is not that lagged behind anymore. Like Veracruz did, I think HM will make it out.

I will post about Veracruz's a trial drive soon. The result of that is Awesome. That makes you understand why I believe HM will succeed.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Does Brand value of Hyundai surpass Lexus?

- Hyundai Veracruz TV AD -

- Joel Piaskowski, Chief Designer, for Hyundai's latest crossover vehicle the Veracruz at the media launch in La Jolla, CA. gives you a walk around. Provided by AutoNetwork -

This morning, I read the interesting article about Brand value of Hyundai.
From the research which is made by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, Brand value of Hyundai surpass the Lexus.

Of course, Lexus doesn't mean Toyota. The brand value of Toyota is top of the brand value of Automobile industry. (You can find information about methodology by which it ranks the most dynamic global brands and why certain ones are thriving so heartily from here:

And more interesting result is that Hyundai is ranked 8th among Automobile companies. You can find the ranks below.

I think foreigners, especially Nrth American think Hyundai car like it's cheep but doesn't have good quality and the car only for young people who doen't have money enough to buy other cars. I still believe like that.
But today's result shows it can be changed. Isn't it?

Hyundai has tried to improve their brand value like Toyota did.
Equus is one of the result it made, and followings are Veracruz and Genesis.

- Genesis -

- Veracruz -

I'd like to post about Veracruz and Genesis some day. They have really really good engine and got a good comment from all over the world.

I hope Hyundai is ranked in 4th or 5th, someday, somehow.

See you~