Thursday, July 26, 2007

Does Brand value of Hyundai surpass Lexus?

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This morning, I read the interesting article about Brand value of Hyundai.
From the research which is made by BusinessWeek and Interbrand, Brand value of Hyundai surpass the Lexus.

Of course, Lexus doesn't mean Toyota. The brand value of Toyota is top of the brand value of Automobile industry. (You can find information about methodology by which it ranks the most dynamic global brands and why certain ones are thriving so heartily from here:

And more interesting result is that Hyundai is ranked 8th among Automobile companies. You can find the ranks below.

I think foreigners, especially Nrth American think Hyundai car like it's cheep but doesn't have good quality and the car only for young people who doen't have money enough to buy other cars. I still believe like that.
But today's result shows it can be changed. Isn't it?

Hyundai has tried to improve their brand value like Toyota did.
Equus is one of the result it made, and followings are Veracruz and Genesis.

- Genesis -

- Veracruz -

I'd like to post about Veracruz and Genesis some day. They have really really good engine and got a good comment from all over the world.

I hope Hyundai is ranked in 4th or 5th, someday, somehow.

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sungan said...

This is what I think. Hyundai although is gaining more reputation than before, brand value of Hyundai at this stage cannot be compared to that of Lexus. However, this is the very reason why Hyundai should work harder to get to that point. Their goal shouldn't stop at surpassing Lexus but to that of much more prestigous brands such as Ferrari or Lamborgini!