Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hyundai launched New car, i30

I'm sure that most of you guys have heard about Hyundai's new car, i30. I know it's little bit late to talk about i30, but, anyway, better than do nothing.

i30 is for European. Hyundai wants to increase their market share in EU. They hope i30 can be a stepping-stone.

Comparing with i30's rivals such as Peugeot 307 and VW's Golf, it has enough head room and leg room. And to satisfy European whom are used to listening music by iPod, i30 has iPod and USB connection port.

Test drivers said that i30 is rather heavy when they accelerate. It is little bit strange cause lookings of i30 is light. And the sound from engine is quite good. Hyundai's officer said that both of them are results from considering the Europeans preference.

Because of decreasing the weight of front side, i30 moves very quickly and smoothly. It is much more sporty than any other Hyundai's car.

I thought that Hyundai is always looking for American market, and that idea makes me think i30 will be failed. Because the preference of American and European is so different.

But at least i30, I think it has competitiveness enough to compete with other European cars.

I like Hyundai's this kinds of try and this is the reason why Hyundai can survive in Automobile market. I hope i30 make good performance in EU.

PS - One more thing. Hyundai will name all cars which will be launced in EU as i- series, like Benz or Lexus. From i10 to i40.


A four cylindered in-line engine // 1591cc //121 HP //

15.6kg.m // FF // 1247kg //

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